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International assignments either from German employees to a foreign country or vice versa need a wide range of supportive matters if they shall be fully successful.

Successfull international assignments either from Germany to a foreign country or vice versa need a wide range of supportive matters.

If you do not want to send your international transferee into the desert:

We will support you with the assignment!

  • Structuring of delegation-short–term/assignment contracts and localisation contracts
  • Developing of assignment policies
  • Counselling of all topics in the area of assignments
  • Counselling regarding contract conditions with expat and German HR department
  • Support in regard of retirement benefits
  • Advising and application to the social security system /social security assignment under German custom legislation /obligatory insurance upon application/controlling of time limits
  • Review of issues related to health insurance, nursing care insurance and voluntary unemployment insurance
  • Application of certificate of exemption according to double taxation agreements/limited liability taxation/coverage under the employer´s liability insurance association
  • Support with country-specific labor law, tax law and social security law
  • Remuneration survey
  • Preparation to conduct with specific payroll requirements for the expatriate
  • Coordination of language tuition and translations of documents required
  • Counselling in cases of pre mature assignment contracts / early retirement

Counselling in questions of:

  • Home country retirement system
  • Private / statutory insurances
  • Wage withholding tax

Coordination of services via third parties:

  • Language classes
  • Intercultural training
  • Move / Storage
  • Real estate agent
  • Visa / Departure issues
  • Tax consultancy
  • Medical services
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