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You can use our web-side without giving any personal data. If you have to fill in personal data on our web-side such as name, address or e-mail address, you can do it on volunteer basis.

As a matter of course we will deal all incoming news highly confidential. According to data security we want to point out that the sending of e-mails via internet is not a safe way since uncoded mails can be read, caught or changed by individuals.

All incoming mails pass our virus scanner. Those mails which are subject to viruses will be deleated and not be answered.

All contact data which has been published in the context of obligatory imprint via third individuals and which these individuals try to send via advertising or any other information not asked for from our side will be highly objected to from us.

As licensee of these web-pages to trigger legal meassures in case somebody sends us advertising we did not ask for or spam mails.

Source: Disclaimer from eRecht24.de the information portal to Internet law

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